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Posted on 07-23-20 05:18 AM Link | #2114
Here, everyone can share his/her ideas to develop melonDS, like:

-New Icon.
-New Logo.
-New Settings.
-New Mods.
-new, New, NEW THINGS!

Everyone can help Arisotura with melonDS development and probably, with lolsnes and blargsnes, too.

Like me, i got the idea to put GBA port because the GBA is NDS's cousin, cheats, and "Players Config" to play at 1 to 16 players consoles connected.

Now, your turn to share your ideas.

Posted on 07-23-20 05:22 AM Link | #2115
this is pointless, we already have the whole forum for this, plus the issue tracker on Github.

also, we don't need a 'throw random ideas at the dev team' thread. things take time and effort to code, you know.


Main - Development - The Development Thread Thread closed

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