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Posted on 07-20-20 09:26 PM (rev. 3 of 07-20-20 09:27 PM) Link | #2101
is the only way to access the master branch is to compile it? cause the latest version is from September of last year so i thought there was a newer version im used to some emulators using appveyor unless im missing something

Posted on 07-21-20 09:20 AM Link | #2104

You can find them here.


Posted on 07-21-20 11:22 AM Link | #2106
im not sure what i do when i click the link. Ive tried clicking on the workflows but i couldn't find a download artifact button on the page

(sorry for being a noob lol)

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 07-21-20 11:25 AM Link | #2107
you need a github account to download artefacts from github workflow

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Posted on 07-21-20 12:44 PM Link | #2109
thanks to both you of you was able to find my github account i made long ago and download the artifact file

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