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Posted on 07-16-20 08:38 PM Link | #2086

Can these feature requests make it to future releases?

1. Ability to use an XInput gamepad's R joystick to function as a mouse (X + Y axis cursor movements) and a button like LT/RT to serve as the left click. This is to emulate touching the NDS bottom touchscreen with its stylus. I know that the PC mouse already serves the function but I would to have the same via the gamepad.

2. Config files per game.

3. Hotkey to cycle through the screen layouts. Some games like Contra 4 and Guilty Gear Dust Strikers look best when layout is Natural/Vertical, and some games may look even better with horizontal layout.

4. Hotkey to cycle through the screen rotations. Some games like Style Savvy have a 180-degree rotation (which made me tilt my head on an angle) and they look awful in vertical layout. What I had to do is rotate the screen by 270 degress and change the layout to Natural or horizontal to be able to play the game with my head un-tilted.

Thank you so much!!!

Main - Development - Feature Requests New reply

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