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Posted on 07-12-20 11:57 AM Link | #2052
Hi, I can't seem to find a setting to change the save state binding. Is there a way to change it? If there isn't, will you plan to add it?

Posted on 07-13-20 12:49 AM Link | #2056
Could you please clarify what you mean by the setting to change save state binding? Hopefully I can help then.

Posted on 07-15-20 10:05 AM Link | #2078
Sorry for the late response, I meant the option to change the default keybind of quick save states. Right now it's Shift+F(number) but I need to change it to one of my controller buttons. Hope I clarified my issue

Posted on 07-15-20 10:55 PM Link | #2079
I don't think there is an option for that.

Main - General - Save state bind New reply

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