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Posted on 07-13-20 08:14 AM Link | #2061
Hey, does anyone know if it is possible to play online with the MelonDS Emulator, when my Computer is connect to the Internet via WiFi? My friend tried it with an ethernet connection and it works, but for me, who uses and Wifi connection, it always shows the Same Error.
Error:52001 and it means that it couldnt "detect" my IP-Adress.
Sorry if my english sucks, im from germany. ^^

Posted on 07-13-20 10:21 AM Link | #2064
Was the error 52100 instead of 52001?
It doesn't work using WiFi as the network bridge. I have tried changing the WFC settings to not "Auto obtain IP" , and entered my IP pathway manually ,but then it gives error code 51100(which probably means the game doesn't know what went wrong ,but something did).
Wait for the new 0.9 build , I hope it will allow connection over wireless.

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Posted on 07-13-20 11:02 AM Link | #2065
there are already builds floating with the better indirect mode:

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Main - General - Melon DS Wifi New reply

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