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Posted on 06-30-20 11:16 PM Link | #1978
How do I make the gameplay of a DS game run smoother and without lag issues?

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 07-01-20 12:06 PM Link | #1979
you're computer might just be too slow.

The next update will have a JIT compiler, it might help a little bit.

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Posted on 07-02-20 02:59 PM Link | #1992
The software renderer with multithreading is often faster than the OpenGL renderer at 1x resolution. Also try seeing if enabling/disabling OpenGL display improves performance. Otherwise, either wait for the JIT to be merged as RSDuck suggested or download the JIT prerelease build from here:
Do note that it is glitchier and probably slower than building from the latest JIT branch commit.

Main - General - Gameplay issues. New reply

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