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Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 05-25-20 01:22 PM Link | #1783
Posted by Arisotura
alternately we could make a 'consumer-toy' GL renderer that sacrifices accuracy in the name of betterer speeds (doing more aggressive polygon batching, etc)

I doubt it would be so much better as the renderer quite dependant on advanced OpenGL features like gl_FragDepth. Sacrificing even more accuracy would make the renderer even less robust, which makes it imho less viable as "default" option.

Also if we take the current GL renderer as a reference, at 1x the threaded sw rasteriser usually beats it.

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Posted on 05-28-20 11:04 AM Link | #1792
then again consumer-toys have pretty crappy GL drivers


Posted on 06-03-20 05:01 PM Link | #1838
You don't think OpenGL ES 3.2 is good enough for melonDS? It's pretty fast on Snapdragon devices, it's just Mali that it really runs like crap on.

Posted on 06-03-20 05:03 PM Link | #1839
was thinking of this

also, no idea how GLES maps to desktop GL. melonDS runs on GL 3.2, so it could be ported to GLES, I guess.


Posted on 01-14-21 03:04 PM Link | #3132
Apparently this build has been updated recently and it improved its speed by a good amount already, dunno why this thread got abandoned.

Posted on 01-14-21 04:49 PM (rev. 2 of 01-14-21 04:51 PM) Link | #3134
The unofficial Android port leaves out libslirp again like the Retroarch port (as far as i can see) even though its based on the latest melonDS codebase.
Seems like the only way to get WFC working for now is just using the official melonDS for now.
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