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Posted on 05-02-17 03:57 AM Link | #138
Has that game been tested on a DS? It seems to shit itself on every emulator (confirmed on desmume, medusa, melonDS).

The U version works fine, so this is fucking weird. I wouldn't be surprised if the ROM was crapoed in one way or another.

Posted on 05-02-17 02:01 PM (rev. 2 of 05-02-17 02:01 PM) Link | #140
I just tested that ROM on my DS with a DSTWO flashcard, and it black screens after the intro cutscene. So, it probably is a bad dump.

Posted on 05-02-17 03:16 PM (rev. 2 of 05-02-17 03:21 PM) Link | #141
my ROM has a SHA256 of e2933ebc63b3fa995a191de8807391be0e27e4d1df39ee39a1d611df51c99590, does it match yours?

I confirm that this ROM shits itself on hardware, Supercard One, DS Lite.

the U ROM runs fine, but there are occasional 3D glitches. likely due to overload and not a bad dump, just keeping this as a note in case we encouter similar glitches on emulators.

Posted on 05-04-17 03:28 AM Link | #142
I have the same SHA256 and the same blackscreen after intro. The us v1.1 runs correctly. I use a 3ds with dstwo card. I hope this helps

Posted on 05-04-17 10:12 AM Link | #143
I guess we can establish that that ROM is a bad dump. It'd be interesting to find another dump, or get a cart to dump.

(post deleted) #145

Posted on 06-04-17 10:43 AM Link | #175
Quickly tested it again with the firmware language set to Italian: it still shits itself.

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