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Posted on 05-25-17 04:28 PM Link | #154
What is the difference between the DS and DS Lite from a hardware and emulation perspective? I know that the Lite is smaller, lighter, etc., but is there any real difference internally? And if so, what would that mean for emulating them?

Posted on 05-25-17 04:33 PM (rev. 2 of 07-25-17 07:36 AM) Link | #155
Differences that I know of:

* more levels of backlight for the LCDs
* LCDs are also different? I don't have a DS Phat but I think they have the same characteristics (colors, lag) as the DS Lite screens
* edit: phat LCDs have less lag than lite, but the colors are definitely worse

* wifi device is slightly different, and is equipped with different RF/BB chips

Aside from that, we'd have to investigate, I guess.

Posted on 05-25-17 05:01 PM Link | #156
Ok, thank you! That's pretty interesting.

Posted on 05-25-17 08:17 PM Link | #157
Also, the DS looks ugly.


Posted on 05-25-17 08:21 PM Link | #158
that was pointless to add, don't you think?

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