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Posted on 01-29-20 11:52 PM Link | #1463
By "LOCAL", I mean being able to connect two devices that are in the same LAN.

Would a user be able to connect to the host session if they are in the same virtual Hamachi LAN? (Assuming they live in different places IRL)

Posted on 01-30-20 03:40 AM Link | #1464
As I understand this will work but because you are trying to play over the internet it will be too slow.

Posted on 01-30-20 09:14 PM Link | #1466
That makes sense. All I need is just a connectivity so me and my friends can trade pokemons.

Posted on 01-31-20 03:01 AM Link | #1467
highly unlikely to work if latency is too high.

you know how back in the old days, local multiplayer would start falling apart if the players were a little too far away? it's really that finicky. the timings for nifi are tight.


Posted on 01-31-20 02:41 PM Link | #1468
Hmm... I see. Let me give a try and see if the connection is stable enough

Posted on 02-03-20 11:31 AM (rev. 2 of 02-14-20 05:34 PM) Link | #1470
If it works, could you share how you did it? I can't seem to find anyone with Hamachi when it comes to local multiplayer.

EDIT: Never mind I've figured it out by using Radmin VPN. Unsurprisingly I get a lot of crashes due to the latency between me and the other player (UK to Russia).

Main - General - Does "LOCAL" multiplayer work with hamachi? New reply

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