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Posted on 11-16-19 07:26 PM (rev. 4 of 11-16-19 07:31 PM) Link | #1358
Using version 0.8.3 of MelonDS, I was able to play Mario Party DS multiplayer with 2 and 3 players on the same computer. 4 players wouldn't quite work. I was able to play a full 20 turn game of Mario Party DS with 2 players, and while I didn't test 3 players as extensively, it didn't seem to crash after a few turns so I would assume that it works the same. 4 players kept causing issues with losing connection or some players not connecting at all and even when it finally got into the character selection screen, it would disconnect before getting to a map. There was slowdown after every minigame when it tried to save, but other than that it was fine. The game also didn't like when multiple people had the same name when joining. I also found connecting worked best if the host waited ~10 seconds after every player joining had their dialogue box stop showing the loading icon before starting the game so all of the players were synced.

I was even able to partially connect to my laptop by using a vlan program (I currently use Radmin VPN) and selecting the program's adapter in the wifi settings. I also used winpcap 4.1.3 and it worked with wifi, not just ethernet. (I'm not sure if it's a special version of winpcap or not.) The issue with that is my laptop couldn't run MelonDS or Mario Party DS at a reasonable speed and thus disconnected when I tried to play, but I believe it works as a proof of concept.

The only real issue with play was the fact that everyone except the host has sped up game audio. The gameplay is synced and normal speed, but the game audio for all of the players except the host is sped up. This is all because the only way to connect was to have the host play with a locked frame rate and synced audio and everyone who joins had to have an unlocked frame rate (I usually got around 90 fps on the actual board when in game) and unsynced audio in the settings.

The only changes from the default settings I made were rebinding controls and hotkeys (which should not do anything), disabling the microphone, checking bind socket to any address and direct mode in wifi settings (and selecting my internet adapter in the settings, but it didn't make a difference for the same machine play), and the previously mentioned settings of the frame rate limiter.

If there is any way to fix the audio for the players who join the host, or to stream the host's audio to the other players, then proper Mario Party DS online netplay could be possible with 2-3 players.



Main - Compatibility / Testing - Progress on Getting Download Play to Work (Mario Party DS) New reply

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