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Posted on 10-13-19 09:11 AM (rev. 2 of 10-13-19 09:16 AM) Link | #1299
Hello, I was playing Pokemon Ranger when I noticed I wasn't actually saving the game despite the game seemingly not having any problem with it, I tried downloading the last version of the emulator and tried having to get a clean save either online or from a new game.
I managed to get both working but for some reason I can't save from those save states I used, thus while I can save at the start of the game multiple times or use saves from the internet, I can't override them and keep all the progress I made using save states and I'm stuck using them, possibly not having access to post-game content. Any solution to this problem?

Posted on 10-13-19 09:20 AM Link | #1300
I'm not sure I understand what you mean entirely. besides, in-game saves aren't the same thing as savestates, which one did you use and when?


Posted on 10-13-19 09:26 AM Link | #1301
What I mean is that:

I played the game using save states mostly, I was able to save in-game but no actual working save file was ever created.

For this reason I tried fixing the problem by having either a fresh save file from internet or from the start of the game.
I can save at the start of the game(it generates a 256 KB save file) and I can override it too from there but when I try to override the save from the save-states I can't and the game notifies me that I can't(thus I'm in a even worse position than before)

Basically the emulator can save and create working save files but for some reason it can't from those save states.

Posted on 10-14-19 06:50 PM Link | #1311
This might not make a difference, but do you have the option for separate save files for save states enabled?

This shouldn't normally cause an error when attempting to save, but if you have it on, then in-game saves made after having loaded a save state wouldn't affect your main save, so it would appear as if the game didn't save once you started the game again later.

Posted on 10-14-19 08:34 PM (rev. 2 of 10-14-19 08:35 PM) Link | #1312
No that isn't a problem anymore, right now I get a notification in-game that it can't save when before it was actually creating those empty saves attached to save-states, essentially I can't save anyway but now for a different reason.

Main - General - Saving game in a save state? New reply

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