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Posted on 09-07-19 07:52 AM Link | #1218
There are some basic features that I think that should be added on melonDS,

- Save, Roms, Bios directory selection

- Recent games under file's tab

- Frameskipping(however this last one can be a little complicated to add depending on how the emulator code works)

- An option to disable/enable background input of both keyboard/gamepad(useful for local multiplayer)

- Background pause option

Of course, knowing that adding these features can be complicated, it's up to you, after all, it's just a suggestion.

Posted on 09-07-19 01:15 PM Link | #1219
frameskip has the issue that it wouldn't bode well with video capture (which is where the GPU captures what's being rendered and writes it back to RAM)


Posted on 09-21-19 05:27 AM Link | #1238
It would be nice if there was a way to disable the various BG layers too.
This will help find games that use rotscale and not the 3D renderer (because you can't upscale pseudo 3D) and reduce bug reports.

Posted on 09-22-19 07:32 AM (rev. 2 of 09-22-19 07:32 AM) Link | #1239
barely any games use pseudo 3D though. 99% of the time when it's not getting upscaled it's because of display capture. disabling BG layers would be nice for other reasons, though.

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Main - Development - Missing features New reply

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