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Posted on 09-01-19 06:57 PM Link | #1206
Hey, sorry if this is a dumb post however I just want to be cautious.

So i am currently running 0.7.3 and would like to update the emulator to see if it fixes some issues I have and mainly to see if I can use Memory Link in Pokemon Black 2

However I am unsure if it is as simple as delete the old files and replace with the new or if it will mess up my saves if I do it wrong.

Posted on 09-01-19 07:03 PM Link | #1207
keeping a backup of your saves would be a wise thing to do, but there should be no problem with save files. savestates might be another deal, I don't recall if the savestate format was changed since 0.7.3.

other than that, just download the new melonDS package and extract it over the previous version and you're good to go.


Posted on 09-01-19 07:39 PM Link | #1208
Hey, just updated and it seems to work fine, I only loaded up Pokemon Black as well as loaded a save and save state for Black 2 but they worked. Any problems I might have I will cross those bridges when I get to them. The one thing I would like to ask if I may is if I can make the system recognize a game and its save file in the ds card slot so I can use Memory Link in Pokemon Black and White 1/2 or if I can't if a update might allow that? Don't know if I should have made a new thread for that question or if it's fine here.

Posted on 09-03-19 11:18 PM Link | #1210
Uncheck "Boot game directly" in emu settings, then you can use download play. It's not very stable, but with enough persistence you should be able to get it to work eventually. Uncheck Limit framerate under Config too, for both instances of the emulator, while you're doing this.

Main - General - How to update the emulator? New reply

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