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Posted on 07-31-19 02:55 PM Link | #1184
Hey guys. So I'm going on vacation for a while and would like to play ffta2 on my phone during downtime. Is there a way I could convert my .sav to Drastic .dsv. I've tried shunnyweb and renaming the .sav to .dsv and none has worked so far. I can send you the .sav if you could help me out! Thanks

Posted on 07-31-19 03:31 PM Link | #1185
I don't know how to do that besides trying online converters. I don't know what DraStic adds to the save file.


Posted on 07-31-19 09:58 PM Link | #1186
Apparenty the drastic emulator made changes so it could be easy to tranfer save files between it and desmume(it is the most popular one atm,so it makes sense I guess). One simple way to convert the file would be downloading desmume on their site. After that, open and close it(so it will create the battery folder). Once its done, drag and drop the save file in the battery folder and then open the game with the same name as the file on desmume. Once desmume notice that it has no .dsv file for that game it will search a .sav(raw save) for that game and then will automatically convert it. The only thing you need to do after that is drag the newly created save file on desmume's battery folder and drop it on whatever is drastic save folder.

Posted on 07-31-19 11:43 PM Link | #1187
Ok. So I just tried your way and it didn't work. Might it be because I'm using the wrong version? Could I request your help from the file that I upload? Here is the download link to the .sav file if anyone can help.

Posted on 08-01-19 01:29 AM Link | #1188
nvm i figured it out. The codes were just not the same with any other emu besides drastic. Had to change up the codes. Thanks yall

Main - General - Changing .sav to .dsv New reply

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