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Posted on 06-18-19 12:35 PM Link | #1103

* old DMA appears to have priority over NDMA (makes sense, in a way, if you're going to be using old DMA for hblank and/or other timing-critical shito, and NDMA for the newfangled shit)

* NDMAxBCNT is for delay between physical blocks
* round-robin mode:
** a channel with NDMAxBCNT set to zero will keep running until it has completed a logical block.
** a channel with a delay (NDMAxBCNT nonzero) will run for one physical block.

observed timings with a channel that has NDMAxBCNT set to 1, physicalblock=1word, logicalblock=16words, roundrobin=7 (64c)

67 67 7 67 67 7 ...

which is weird.


Posted on 02-02-21 03:48 PM Link | #3261
haxing the DSi loader

0x27773DC and 0x27773E0 are loader error flags.

forcing these to zero bypasses the 'an error has occured' screen when loading certain ROMs. can serve as a base for better haxing.

* bypasses hash checks (loads haxed ROMs)
* bypasses 'is DSiware installed' check
* DSiware loaded this way seems to fail to save (may be trying to save to NAND and failing to access it or expect a savefile to already exist)
* homebrew ROMs don't show up at all (different kind of check, prolly similar to region check)
* address may vary between firmware versions

0x02FE71B0 is the current ROM's region bitmask.

forcing it to 0xFFFFFFFF effectively bypasses the region check.

firmware will blank out the current ROM header in memory if this has no set bit for the console's region, effectively preventing the ROM from showing up at all.


Posted on 03-13-21 04:41 AM Link | #3436
I don't know if this is important, I will just leave it here. :)

Posted on 03-27-21 01:20 PM Link | #3508
ARM7 bootloader dumped? Might be useful later, but not right now. Isn't ARM9 needed as well?

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