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Posted on 01-20-18 04:36 AM Link | #506
I have a problem with trading pokemon in black 2 & white 2.
Every time i try to trade there is no problem first. I can choose the pokemon of the other game and the short trade video sequenz is showing. After this there is a communication error on one version and i must shutdown the system. No trade possible. Is there any way to fix it? I'm using the latest melonds version.

Thanks for support

Posted on 01-21-18 07:37 AM Link | #508
I tried it with melonds 0.4 and the tabulator trick. There was no connection error, but the data transfer didn't finished after 15 minutes.
Is there any idea to solve this problem?

Posted on 02-16-18 10:24 AM Link | #538
Since the last update, everthing runs fine. Thanks for support!!!

Posted on 02-18-18 05:00 PM Link | #539
How does one even initiate a local play connection? I see nothing regarding this in the drop-down menus.

Posted on 02-18-18 05:01 PM Link | #540
You need to run two instances of melonDS on the same machine. Or maybe on the same network atleast, if it works.


Posted on 02-18-18 05:27 PM Link | #541
Would it be theoretically possible to rig this up with some third party connection software to play on different networks? I've gotten Dragon Quest IX to work decently well on the same machine, but was hoping to play this with friends.

Main - General - Trade Problem with Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 New reply

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