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Posted on 01-07-18 06:07 PM Link | #487
My understanding is that melonDS generates raw .sav files, and it's also my understanding that Drastic generates raw files as well, albeit with a different extension (.dsv). I know in the past that I ahve been able to import drastic saves into Desmume by first renaming the drastic save from .dsv to .sav and importing, however I have no such success doing to same and opening the file in melonDS. Has anybody else tried it?

Posted on 01-07-18 06:12 PM Link | #488
DraStic might be appending shit at the end of the file. Check that the file size is an exact power of two.

Posted on 01-07-18 10:38 PM Link | #492
Hm. Well, it's not *quite* exact - it's 512.1 kb (524,410 bytes as opposed to 524,288). So you may be right, thanks. I'll see if I can track down any useful information from Drastic.

Posted on 01-08-18 07:29 PM Link | #493
You probably need to open it in a hex editor and trim the extra shit at the end. melonDS expects exact savefile sizes.

Posted on 03-19-18 02:03 PM Link | #576
instead of a hex editor, try this one: (it works perfectly for me | currently using melonDS 0.6b)

just open offline save converter 2.
select save file type to NDS.
select your game save file of whatever format. (Ex: Pokemon White Version 2.dsv*)
.......*if .dsv, then select the source format to DeSmuME.
select target format to Raw Format. (that's .sav file)
select the size to whatever you like. (mostly, pokemon b2/w2 save file size was 512 kilo-bytes - 4 mega-bits)
then convert it.

Main - General - .sav question New reply

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