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Posted on 12-06-17 08:14 PM (rev. 3 of 12-06-17 08:19 PM) Link | #436
The following glitch was reported in melonDS:

The kart shadow blends with the antialiased platform border. It looks abnormal but I'm not sure whether it is correct.

Stencil bits are set wherever the shadow mask fails the depth test. That is, for all the pixels that land behind the platform, including its borders.

When the shadow is rendered, it is drawn wherever stencil bits are set. Normally, pixels that land behind the platform fail the depth test and aren't rendered.

But, at the borders, we also check against the pixels that are underneath the platform pixels (that is, the background pixels). Depth test passes there, so the shadow is rendered over the background pixels. (the shadowed background pixels are then blended with the platform pixels during the final antialiasing pass)

I can't test the game on hardware currently (my only flashcart left sucks, and the physical cart is in the shithole) so I'd need to know whether this glitch happens on hardware. It'd be one interesting thing if it didn't (it would basically imply that the stencil buffer can hold two layers of pixels).


Posted on 12-07-17 09:09 AM Link | #438
Tested it just now, doesn't happen on hardware.

Posted on 12-10-17 06:37 PM Link | #439
Well, thanks. Interesting.


Main - Compatibility / Testing - Mario Kart DS: character select screen glitch New reply

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