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Posted on 02-22-21 05:01 PM (rev. 2 of 02-22-21 05:02 PM) Link | #3347
This post does not relate to any sort of need for assistance & is instead just meant to be a message for a couple of folks that work on the MelonDS website. Specifically Generic aka RSDuck & Arisotura.

Even if it has been months since the controversy I started has passed, I can't help but still feel bothered of the actions I did by mistake, and I kinda wish I could just forget them. I feel disappointed that I may have been the first person to truly annoy some of the people on the official MelonDS site, and I wish I never did, especially considering this site is related to video games & emulation based stuff which is superbly me. I however want to give a sincere apology. I promise that I will do my best to not say any controversial stuff by accident, and, if I do, please consider so as a genuine mistake by me.

But I just to let any administrators here know they are doing a wonderful job with MelonDS. It is without a doubt the best Nintendo DS emulator I came across so far & probably always will be. I've dabbled with other DS emulators but the other DS emulators I tried don't work great for some peculiar DS games due to graphical and/or audio related bugs & issues. For the brighter side on the other hand, a bunch of DS games that which I tried to get working through emulation have barely been an issue to run on MelonDS compared to other Nintendo DS emulators. It is especially cool that MelonDS is starting to get even more advanced features as the project continues to be updated through time. I hope to see MelonDS eventually reach a complete 1.0.0 version if the people behind the project are willing to continue working on MelonDS. Please be safe during this rough pandemic and have a nice day.

Main - General chatter - A Quick Apology New reply

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