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Posted on 11-16-17 02:23 PM Link | #411
I recently changed my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky save file from DeSmuMe to melonDS. The save file loads to where it was before, but it fails to save ingame. My save file is 256KB, so it should be fine if I'm not mistaken.

Posted on 11-16-17 02:25 PM Link | #412
Did you use DeSmuME's memory backup export feature? The .dsv file can't be used as-is.

Posted on 11-16-17 02:28 PM Link | #413
I did. But it was a hassle cause I had to use wine n' stuff because the DeSmuMe team doesn't give linux all the features.

Posted on 11-16-17 02:30 PM Link | #414

You can open the .dsv in a hex editor and strip the extra data at the end (it tells you where).

Posted on 11-16-17 02:42 PM Link | #415
I did that, but it yields the same result. :(

Posted on 11-18-17 12:49 PM Link | #419
UPDATE: It's just a problem saving with saving PMD: Explorers of Sky, because it fails to save on a save file started with melonDS. Maybe it could be fixed in the next couple of updates, as i don't want to have desmume just to play this.

Posted on 11-19-17 08:45 AM Link | #424
Well then I'll look into it.

Posted on 12-22-17 12:36 PM Link | #472
I reported this issue a long time ago, and never got any response ever since.

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