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Posted on 10-06-17 05:15 PM (rev. 5 of 10-06-17 10:29 PM) Link | #380
Comes with game "Pokémon Typing Adventure" or whatever the name is.

I'll post reverse-engineering notes in this thread.


Game sends the following data via the aux SPI bus:

FF 01 00 00 04 01 03 0C 00

It doesn't read the response. A test on the cart returned all zeros.

There has to be something else the game is expecting but not getting.

The cart sends an IRQ (IREQ_MC) when receiving data over SPI. Regular carts don't do that (and respond all FF instead of 00 when sent the command above).

The IRQ is sent after the first SPI command byte is sent. No idea if there are specific values that don't trigger the IRQ, or if it has a "write zero to get to the backup memory" thing like other Pokémon carts (attempt at sending a RDID command read zeros).

Emulating it doesn't do shit, though.

Also: IREQ_MC triggers on both CPUs, regardless of EXMEMCNT. In the case of Pokémon, though, it's only enabled on the ARM9.

Cart ID

The cart returns an ID of 0x80007FC2.

Bit 31 there causes the BIOS to load the secure area differently: for each block, the command is repeated 9 times, first time with a zero length, next 8 times with 0x200.

It's not too clear how this should work, and melonDS doesn't emulate it, so such an ID causes firmware boot to fail (secure area is loaded wrong, which doesn't bode well).

The game itself seems sensitive to the cart ID. It behaves differently when bit31 is set, but... it doesn't try to do anything...? Nope.


Posted on 10-07-17 06:59 PM (rev. 2 of 10-07-17 10:42 PM) Link | #385
Function at 0x0206DEC4 refers to the following strings:

Sending to unknown dest
Send - buffer linked

Similar strings are found, for example, here:

So I guess our cart is using a Broadcom Bluetooth controller, and they've been using one of those open-source drivers. Interesting.

More on this.

Driver sitting between the game and the hardware seems to be a stripped-down version of this.


Posted on 10-10-17 05:30 PM Link | #390
Triggering another IRQ after the first SPI command is finished causes the game to send another SPI command.

(and things go wrong, because the command starts with a 02 and melonDS mistakes it for a regular savemem command. I need to rework that code)

I need to acquire a cart slot, so I can hook the cart to a raspi and test it. Issue with testing on the DS is that, I guess, when swapping carts, the new cart doesn't get a reset signal. May not be a big deal for regular savemem, but this cart embeds what seems to be a Broadcom controller that can do several things.


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