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Posted on 07-21-20 11:52 AM Link | #2108
How's it going! Wanted to say thanks for the amazing service and I absolutely love melonDS.

I am currently running Pokemon Platinum and I've been having some issues with the in game saving. Normally whenever I save I will save both in game as well as save state just to have multiple forms of saves as backup. After some time when I went to save in game the emulator froze then force closed on me and now I am unable to make any in game saves at all. I also cannot load my save states unless I go into the emulator settings and separate savestate files.

Things I have attempted so far:

- Deleted the .sav file, open a save state and try to save in game again
- Move the location of both the rom and the .sav file to a different folder

As of right now I can play the game purely off save states and I'm okay with that, but if I can solve this issue that would be preferable.

I appreciate any help, I'm just gonna assume I did something stupid at some point and screwed up something.

Main - General - Issue with In Game Saves [Pokemon Platinum] New reply

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