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Posted on 07-12-20 01:14 PM (rev. 2 of 07-12-20 01:14 PM) Link | #2053
Hello there,
I don't know if it's allowed to ask such questions but still:
Since MelonDS seems to be the only NDS emulator that supports multiplayer and I also read that it can work for android(?) I wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried to trade or fight with friends in Pokemon HG/HS or other versions. I also read that it might be a WIP feature and I would be willing to pay a few dollars for it.

Posted on 07-12-20 01:18 PM (rev. 2 of 07-12-20 01:19 PM) Link | #2054

melonDS does have an unofficial Android port, but I don't think it supports multiplayer.
melonDS only officially supports Windows and Linux.
I haven't tried Pokemon games yet, but I've been playing MKDS online using Wiimmfi, and it works well! (Note - You need the libslirp builds)
melonDS is completely free and open source, but you can donate on Patreon if you like.


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Posted on 07-12-20 01:35 PM Link | #2055
First of all, the android port is not maintained by us, but by someone else.

1. local wireless depends on really tight timing, so anything but running both instances of melonDS on the same computer is likely to fail
2. previously only the direct mode of melonDS robustly worked for wifi emulation, but it required pcap, which afaik isn't available on android. Besides it only worked when connect via lan anyway. Arisotura improved indirect mode not too long ago to use libslirp, so now it can run pretty much everywhere, so you could see it implemented sooner or later, depending on the author of the android port.

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Main - General - Pokemon HG/HS Multiplayer on Android? New reply

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