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Posted on 06-19-17 05:07 PM Link | #208
This can be a thread for stuff that happens in the IRC

<Ndymario> thats for linux
<Ndymario> not for windows
* Ndymario RicBent could he send me the files (plz)
<RicBent> that's not how you use /me
<RicBent> also no
<RicBent> i am on linux
<RicBent> and only have a linux build
<Ndymario> sigh...
<RicBent> wait for .4 release :P
<Ndymario> nooooooo
<Ndymario> I will burn out by then...
<shibs> good
* Ndymario slaps shibs
* shibs continues playing on melonDS with wifi
<RicBent> xD
<Ndymario> omg
<shibs> you aksed for that one

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