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Posted on 10-10-19 03:58 AM Link | #1266
Connecting the emulator to a real DS appears to be a thing some people are wanting. I've seen it mentioned that it's currently not implemented as a feature, but tomorrow I am going to try to test it with friends as an experiment. Hopefully it works.

Either way, MelonDS is an amazing project from its developers. Thank you, Arisotura and Co.

Posted on 10-10-19 08:37 AM Link | #1267
it's not implemented so there's no point in trying

Posted on 10-10-19 11:39 AM Link | #1268
Well if you count online Wi-Fi than you can connect to a real DS...

Posted on 10-11-19 09:17 AM Link | #1281
yeah, I guess. if you have a WEP or open access point...

local wifi between melonDS and a DS is another story tho

due to the tight timing requirements and the kind of special wifi hardware it'd require, as well as latency induced by OS/drivers/etc, I'm not positive it would ever work.

I still want to try it out, tho.


Posted on 10-11-19 09:45 AM Link | #1282
I remember that Citra developers said the same about their implementation of local wifi.
Although their is local wifi that works over the internet and also over LAN/Same PC.
It's just that Console to PC and vice versa is a problem.

Posted on 10-12-19 12:55 AM Link | #1292
The experiment failed as expected.
You're right about local wifi being an issue and I can understand that. However, it's reasonable to suspect that most people will be in range of an AP. A friend sent me this which includes a lot of information regarding this process in the description for anyone else who would like to try.
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