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Posted on 06-03-17 02:00 PM Link | #174
I'm acquiring a DSPhat and a video capture board for it.

In this thread, updates on the Capture-O-Magic will be posted.

The main point is to work on graphics accuracy. The DS outputs 18-bit color, but its built-in video capture feature degrades the quality to 15-bit (so the captured image can be reused by the 2D engine). This is a problem when examining 3D output as the 3D engine outputs 18-bit color.

The capture board allows us to capture the video data that is sent to the screens, and thus get full color.

Another possibility would be finding differences between the DSPhat and DSLite, but for most things the models are pretty identical.

Posted on 06-10-17 06:27 PM Link | #184
Ok so the DSPhat arrived a while ago. The top surface is crapoed (nothing bad), but aside from that, it works fine, which is all I care about.

Was interesting to see how that model feels. It feels a little less sturdy than the DSLite. The screens seem to have a little less lag than the DSLite's, but the colors are more washed out.

I have yet to see if there are any undocumented differences in the wifi device.

Posted on 06-14-17 10:05 AM Link | #193
Capture card just arrived, and I immediately set to work.

Everything went nicely. The only thing I have to say is that the board I received didn't have the white marks for aligning it to the DS mainboard, but that hasn't been much of a problem.

I did a quick test with the capture software and it's working flawlessly. And as expected, I'm getting 18-bit color. All is perfect!

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