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Posted on 05-22-17 08:29 PM Link | #150
Things have been pretty silent lately, due to real life things that had to be sorted out, and that I'm always lazy when upcoming work requires big changes.

Anyway, I'm putting the 3D renderer on a separate thread. A quick test gave promising results, there are still issues that will eventually be solved (frames with missing lines, occasional freezes/crashes) but the speed boost is pretty nice so far. SM64DS plays at fullspeed and MKDS almost reaches fullspeed too.

The threaded mode will be optional, so that it can be disabled should it cause trouble.

Oh, and wifi! Right now all it does it send beacons, though. I haven't yet figured out why it's failing to send responses. Might work on it for 0.3, but don't get your hopes up, I want 0.3 out soon-ish.


Posted on 05-23-17 08:39 AM Link | #151
Nice work! Wïll this 3D renderer make the way easier to upscale higher resolutions in the future?
Also, any save fixes for 0.3 so more games can get ingame?
Thanks a lot! ^_^

Posted on 05-23-17 08:42 AM Link | #152
Time will tell, I guess. I plan on adding high-res support eventually, but it'll likely use OpenGL. The current 3D renderer is designed to be accurate, no idea how well it would scale.

A side note on that: I'm confident high-res can be implemented without adding too much complexity or ugliness to the code. I don't know about performance, though.


Posted on 05-26-17 09:52 AM Link | #160
Yeah, high-res is something I've always dreamt of :P Since there is only two options now (Latest Windblows DeSmuME builds, and X432R) which are both far from being perfect, I'd love see this coming in a near future.


Posted on 05-26-17 03:41 PM Link | #161


anyway, yeah

the other option is to run drastic through an Android VM, as some do :P


Main - Development - melonDS isn't dead! New reply

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