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Posted on 11-17-19 11:08 AM Link | #1359
I needed a DS emulator and I run Linux. DeSmuME is the commonly recommended one, wouldn't even build on Linux. I then read a dev basically say no one even cares about Linux support on Github.

I ran it through Wine, and everything worked except controller config crashed it. But I still didn't like it even if it didn't.

This emulator however is so simple and clean. Compiled fine, uses Cmake, modern libraries, not rusted codebase, and unlike DeSmuME, it seems Linux is not an after thought. Upscaling works fine for me, graphical output looks way better to me, controller input works.

I think this is the DS emulator people should be recommending. Lots of respect from me.

Posted on 11-17-19 12:03 PM Link | #1360
glad you like melonDS :)

I think getting it to be 'recommended' is going to take a while tho, there's a lot of 'new beta emulator' aura still, and it needs a few more 'popular request' features.

also, yeah. I wanted to use a UI toolkit in such a way that the emulator UI code would be the same for all platforms, which avoids a DeSmuME situation (having a completely different UI and feature set on every platform). I still need to make it work under MacOS tho.


Main - General - Best DS emulator New reply

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