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Posted on 10-24-19 05:51 AM Link | #1328
For some odd reason my touch screen works on melonds but the controllers won't seem to work when i'm either trying to load a game or trying to edit the settings. If I can have some help to figure out the problem and fix it I would genuinely appreciate it.

Posted on 10-24-19 11:49 AM Link | #1329
have you been in the input config to map your joystick?


Posted on 10-24-19 03:01 PM Link | #1330
Yes I have and it won't let me configure the controllers. As if the controller were never plugged in but they are.

Posted on 10-24-19 03:05 PM Link | #1331
well, that is weird

what controller is it?


Posted on 10-24-19 03:08 PM Link | #1332
I'm just using the Basic Nintendo joycons , Blue and Red/pink.

Posted on 10-24-19 03:12 PM Link | #1333
which platform? desktop? Windows? Linux? Switch?


Posted on 10-24-19 04:52 PM Link | #1334

Posted on 10-24-19 04:59 PM Link | #1335
[21:15:17] <Hydr8gon> sounds like they might be using an old switch build
[21:15:52] <Hydr8gon> 9.0.0 broke controller input on homebrew
[21:17:10] <Hydr8gon> my newest release should be fine tho, and Generic's JIT build should be fine since it was compiled with the latest libnx (i assume)
[21:17:57] <Arisotura> probably
[21:18:05] <Arisotura> I was thinking of the desktop version there
[21:18:17] <Hydr8gon> yeah
[21:18:20] <Arisotura> because, well, that person kind of expected us to have a crystal ball and read their mind
[21:18:27] <Hydr8gon> well its weird that they went to the melonDS forums
[21:18:39] <Hydr8gon> instead of the gbatemp thread for the switch version
[21:20:15] <Hydr8gon> unless it turns out they're actually just using joycons on PC
[21:21:09] <Arisotura> yeah
[21:21:18] <Arisotura> well we'll see what they answer
[21:21:32] <Arisotura> either way melonDS on desktop doesn't do anything fancy
[21:21:47] <Arisotura> so either they have a crapoed driver or do some fancy shit SDL2 doesn't support
[21:22:08] <Arisotura> shrug
see, adding more precisions to your initial post would have saved us some time here. just saying


Posted on 10-24-19 05:12 PM Link | #1336
So by updating the build it should fix this problem that I have with the joycons not working?

Posted on 10-24-19 05:16 PM Link | #1337
Yeah. Try my latest build here, or try the experimental JIT build on GBAtemp here. You can also direct future questions specific to the Switch to the GBAtemp thread, if you'd like.

Posted on 05-23-21 03:22 AM Link | #3778
I'm trying to use my steelseries stratus xl controller to play but it wont even show up when I try to configure in the right side of the map buttons page . I'm on Linux any tips

Main - Development - Controller malfunction but touchscreen works New reply

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