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Posted on 07-15-19 03:00 AM (rev. 4 of 07-15-19 03:43 AM) Link | #1166
So for some reason, Pokemon Black 1 is stuck at the zero progress point when saving.

White, White 2 & Black 2 do not appear to have that issue, although i only tested saving on those 3 at the very starting point, before you have your starter + first battle behind you, just standing at different points to see if it correctly saved

the events that lead to the discovery of Black not really saving went like this:
1st day (yesterday)
1st save: before obtaining the starter
savestate: before the 2 battles you get thrown into
2nd save: after the 2 battles you get thrown into after picking the starter
end day because it was already today at that point

2nd day: loading the game via normal save & discovering that the game did not actually save after the 2 battles
and here we are

tested around a bit more with Black while typing and noticed something
the emulator seems to dislike the savestate feature: it appears to save normally until you use them, will test this theory a bit by beginning a new save, not using savestates until i'm at least at the next city (while periodically saving/loading normally to see if it saves normally)
afterwards backing up the save file and starting a new one
where i use savestates before saving to see if it gets stuck again

will either edit this post with the results
or reply to myself with the results

okay it happened again

the game pretends it saves normally
and after restarting the emulator & loading
i'm back to my room just after the battle with the 2 rivals

did just arrive at the 1st city at that point, saved & this happened

no savestates were in use, will test if that only happens when the melonds window is not considered "active"

okay, the window not being active does not matter at all, for some reason it either pretends to save (even with the in-game save menu accurately showing your last save)
or just gets stuck (though that did not happen again yet)

okay, i neglected to check this before changing the folder setting regarding writing protection, but maybe that was the issue, will quickly make another melon folder to see if the .sav file simply is "protected" by default

Edit4, potential last edit if i can't manage to recreate the "stuck saving" issue:
yep, my PC just decided to protect the files even from a MelonDS started with admin rights
so the issue may have been 100% with my PC
though even when giving the file that protection manually, it does not recreate the "stuck at zero progress when saving" issue, i still think that this one might've been caused somehow when i tried savestating after realizing that normal saves did not work
if i manage to actually recreate that i will edit this here again

Main - General - Pokemon Black (german version) stuck saving New reply

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