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Posted on 05-25-19 12:48 AM (rev. 6 of 05-25-19 01:36 AM) Link | #1044
I played Pokémon Black 2 on the Desmume emulator, before realizing there was no easy way to get Nintendo Wifi on that emulator (as far as I know) and there are some important stuff in the game that requires Nintendo Wifi that I want to be able to do so I decided to switch to this emulator.
I loaded my savestate in Desmume and exported it as backup memory, into a .sav file, but when I try to load that file on MelonDS the file does not show up at all on the import screen, so I changed the file extension to .mln, apparently the extension MelonDS saves as? The file shows up but there's an error if I try to load it.
Please help, I really don't want to restart my progress.
(also I have hardly no knowledge/experience on emulators whatsoever so sorry)

oh yeah by the way the save file is exactly 512 KB

ok after some researching I think my problem here is that the .sav file from Desmume is not showing up at all, and I have no idea how to fix it, the .sav file is in the same folder as the melonDS.exe file too

ok just realized I am a complete idiot and it actually loaded, disregard this thread

Main - General - Problem Loading Save File New reply

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