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Posted on 03-19-19 08:56 AM Link | #911
Whenever I load my save on Desmume this shows up on console: "MC9: Unverified Backuo Memory command: 08 from (Insert random adress here)". Any idea why this happens? I don't know if this happens on MelonDS tho, since it doesn't have a console anymore.

Posted on 03-19-19 09:00 AM Link | #912
if you run 0.7.3 from cmd, you get the console output



Posted on 03-19-19 05:42 PM Link | #913
Ah, I see! So it was the infrared comms all along( heard somewhere that the game use this to verify if it's running on a emulator or not). I don't have to worry about it then.
Anyways, thanks for the answer

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