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Posted on 03-12-19 12:23 PM Link | #900
Hello, I am trying to emulate the Plants VS. Zombies download play mode because theres an achievement for it so i thought i might as well try it.Here is my problem with trying to do that:
So i got the .sav file of my game (im using an r4 card) and put it on my computer, i opened plants vs zombies on melonds, i waited until it made a .sav file, i closed melonds, and replaced the .sav file, after that the game wouldnt load, it showed the "saving screen" for a second and cut to black, here is a download of my .sav file on google drive ( if it helps. Thanks

Posted on 03-12-19 05:53 PM Link | #901
I don't think melonds emulates download play. only multicart iirc.

Posted on 03-12-19 07:26 PM Link | #902
download play was reported to work with some titles, but not always.

the operation is the same as for multicart btw, it's nifi


Main - General - Problem With .Sav file New reply

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