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Posted on 12-27-18 01:16 PM (rev. 5 of 12-27-18 01:26 PM by Arisotura) Link | #827
I'm having a problem where MelonDS is creating multiple save files that are unrecognizable by the emulator when loading.


For some reason, I have four save files and three save states. However, upon opening the game, only my earliest save [12/27 9:44AM] loads. If I move the file to another folder and try to open any of the other save files, the game doesn't recognize them and asks to begin a new game.

To see if the save files were broken, I imported my most recent save file [12/27 9:30AM] to DeSmuMe and it was able to load and save.

Out of curiosity, I opened my earliest save and saved to see where it would save, and it did save over itself. That save also works.

I would like to be able to load the most recent save file in MelonDS. Any suggestions? I'm not super computer savvy but if I had to guess, this problem may have arisen from the save states somehow?

Posted on 12-27-18 01:18 PM (rev. 2 of 12-27-18 01:19 PM) Link | #828
oh, yeah. if you use savestates, it switches to a savefile associated to the savestate.

you can disable that behavior in the settings menu.

also, why did you remove the image? it was the bit that made that evident, and I had even fixed it for you.


Posted on 12-27-18 01:21 PM (rev. 2 of 12-27-18 01:26 PM) Link | #829
Oh my apologies. I'll edit the post to put it back. It wasn't appearing on my end, so i assumed it didn't show up. I'll edit it back up. Thanks for the quick reply.

The picture is back up. My follow-up question then is why does the emulator not recognize the other save files when loading? Is there anything I can do so it will load?

Posted on 12-27-18 01:26 PM (rev. 2 of 12-27-18 01:28 PM) Link | #830
I just fixed the URL. you need the direct link to the image (right click -> copy image location).

as for savefiles...

if you load or save a state to slot 3 for example, your savefile is game.ml3.sav

go to system->settings to disable that behavior


Posted on 12-27-18 01:31 PM Link | #831
I disabled the behavior and I was able to load my most recent save state and save over the working save file. The save file loaded! Thanks for the help!

Posted on 12-27-18 01:38 PM Link | #832
no problem :)

I think I will change that to be disabled by default as it can be confusing.


Posted on 12-29-18 03:32 PM Link | #834
If you want a specific state's save to be your main save once you toggle that option, just remove the .ml# part of the filename

Posted on 05-27-20 05:53 AM Link | #1786
Hi I was trying to find a solution to my problem and found this post. How can I disable in game saves with the MelonDS settings or ini file? The fact that I can't overwrite the single save state in pokemon is an issue.

Main - General - MelonDS creating multiple saves that game can't load New reply

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