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Posted on 10-28-18 10:25 AM Link | #729
Does MelonDS use OpenGL, DirectX, or merely a software renderer? I'm trying to find a DS emulator that uses DirectX so I can perform scene dumps.

Thank you!

Posted on 10-28-18 10:28 AM Link | #730
it's a software renderer.

there might be some obscure emulator somewhere that uses DirectX? not sure. they seem to all use either OpenGL or software renderers.


Posted on 10-28-18 04:46 PM Link | #732
In that case allow me to request a model dumping feature lol

I've been looking everywhere but I haven't found the right emulator (DeSmuMe, NO$GBA, iDeaS, etc), and I haven't figured out how to dump OpenGL stuff properly.

Posted on 10-29-18 07:19 PM Link | #735
If what you want to do is to extract models from games you can do that with MKDSCM or SM64DSe iirc

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