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Posted on 08-26-18 04:58 PM Link | #642
Hey, I learnt last week that MelonDS is one of the only emulator that allows wifi to trade and battle with severals instance of MelonDS like VBALink and I downloaded it to get my Spiritomb on my Pokemon Diamond save with a Pearl version. Everything worked great in the Underground and I finally got my Pokemon.

A few days later my next challenge was to get Manaphy so I had to beat Pokemon Ranger to get the egg and I need to transfer it to Diamond. So I lauch 2 windows of MelonDS, launch the 2 games at the same time and I start to send the notification that Pokemon Ranger wants to transfer an egg in Diamond, the notification appears but the signal doesn't stay to allow to get the egg in Diamond. In fact it reached once but I wasn't quick enough to claim the egg and the connexion dropped.
I've tried probably 20 times to get the egg but the connexion worked once. I'm using MelonDS 0.4 so I'm able to copy paste what the command windows says.

When I launch the signal in Ranger : there are 3 lines of "WIFI: forcing power 8000" that pop up in the Ranger command window.
The Diamond get the signal because the notification that a Ranger is trying to give an egg appears and some "received packet 0080 but it didn't pass the BSSID check" appears in the Diamond command windows.
The "received packet 0080 but it didn't pass the BSSID check" still goes as the Diamond searches the signal and sometimes ( 80% of the time ), the Diamond crashes to 47-48 fps with a "unknown ARM7 IO write16 04000206 0030" line and the Ranger command windows shows a "wifi: !! unusual TXSLOT_CMD bits set C000" line.

I know this message is really messy but I'd be glad to give more informations or precision if needed.

Thanks for helping and giving some time to fix my issue.

Posted on 08-27-18 12:15 PM Link | #643
wifi is generally unstable, might or might not work. you can try with more recent versions than 0.4.

as for the messages you listed: they're about parts of wifi that need more research. generally not a lot of impact. "wifi: !! unusual TXSLOT_CMD bits set C000" seems to happen when MP exchanges fail and are retried. the retry functionality needs investigation, my attempts so far only made things worse.


Posted on 08-27-18 04:51 PM Link | #644

I did try with the latest version to date ( 0.6b ) but it was the same. I need to say that I downloaded a pack on internet with everything included ( bios7 / bios9 / firmware ) and I just replaced the existing file with the one included with 0.6b even though it might not change anything. If I can be of any help with improving melonDS i'd be glad to try some things.

Thanks for helping,

Force à toi dans tes projets.

Main - General - Problem between Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Ranger New reply

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