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Posted on 08-13-18 12:59 PM Link | #640
Hey StapleButter, I have seen that you have posted a reply in the Desmume forum 2 years after your previous post there.

Does this mean that you are back helping with that emulator? I have seen a change in Zeromus' stance against wifi in recent commits. He has "allowed" merging some pull requests regarding wifi.

There is also this thread (, where they mention that you can help by combing desmume and melonds code, in order to improve wifi stability. I know that there is some history where desmume's wifi code has been sabotaged, but I believe it would be in everyone's benefit if you could collaborate with other developers that have the same goal with you. Jackobo, retr0s4ge and rogerman seem to really care about this goal.

I know that real life keeps you busy and you want to try to emulate DSi, but proper wifi communication has been something I have been waiting for many years and I believe you are the one that has gotten closer to achieving it.

Anyway, thanks for listening and everything you have done all these years for the emulation scene.


Posted on 08-13-18 01:52 PM Link | #641
I felt like giving them a heads-up, that's all. There are no plans to merge with DeSmuME or contribute more significantly.


Main - General - Collaboration with Desmume? New reply

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