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Posted on 04-02-18 02:39 PM (rev. 3 of 04-02-18 02:42 PM) Link | #581
i'm using LaunchBox to manage my ROMs and Emulators for various Systems as a Frontend.
There are others like Hyperspin as well.

melonDS looks like a quality emulator and unlike so many others there still seems to be active development here, so maybe this request won't fall on deaf ears.

The nice thing about LaunchBox is, i can select per game with what emulator to start it.
So if emulator A has problems with game X but Emulator B works fine with it i can just set it to permanently launch with emulator B.
Therefore i'm not only collecting ROMs but also various Emulators, even when i already have a working one because no one emulator emulates everything perfectly.

But there are 2 things that stop me from using melonDS with LaunchBox.

First of all it appears that it won't open the game unless i use the UI to open it.
In LaunchBox all i get is a black screen from melonDS, when clicking on a .ds file in Explorer and pointing it to melonDS it complains about bios files being missing?! They are not, that was the first thing i added.

The next issue i have is that there is no option to go Fullscreen.
Ideally with a Frontend you want to click on a game, start it and the emulator, grab your gamepad and are ready to play in fullscreen without distractions.
(you can set autohotkey scripts to kill the .exe when pressing ESC for example).
The idea with a Frontend is that it will work on a TV without ever needing KB+M or in an Arcade cabinett with KB+M hidden away... and of course its nice to use as a visually appealing launcher on a regular Windows PC as well.

So it would be really nice if you could fast track fullscreen mode and make sure the games actually open when you try to launch them.
That would make this Emulator a real alternative to DeSmuME for me.

I do like that melonDS is able to display the 2 screens side by side and one of them small and off to the side, like Citra does for 3DS, that is one thing that bothers me about DeSmuME because either its alligned vertical with huge black bars to the side, or 2 same sized screens side by side which just looks weird.

OK, so much for that.

Something a little different now:
just to maybe spark some brain muscles of the people with right skills to start thinking about and maybe get excited about this?
In my mind the holy grail for Nintendo DS/3DS emulation (holy grail of gimmicks?) would be to "stream" the second screen to an Android or iOS device (phone/tablet) and have that device/app return the touch inputs to the PC that is doing the actual emulation, all via WiFi.

Then you could for example use a controller with an attached phone, like in the picture here, as the touchscreen, plus having the main picture of the game on the big screen and only that screen.

...i just think that would be damn cool and should technically be possible by now as far as the current Hardware is concerned.

Posted on 04-08-18 06:16 AM Link | #582
I've had a similar problem with melonDS claiming my BIOS files are missing when running it from the command line. It appears that the BIOS file check is integrated with the GUI in some way, and if it's launched in a unconventional manner then the check always fails.

Posted on 06-05-18 08:03 PM Link | #601
I think it's an issue with how it looks for the BIOS files in the current working directory (which, when using command line, is the directory you run the command into).


Main - General - Frontend compatibility pretty please? (+ bonus crazy idea) New reply

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