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Posted on 03-12-18 01:24 PM (rev. 3 of 09-05-18 01:13 PM) Link | #567

With the help of forum expert Nadia, I managed to compile melonDS for Mac!

You can download my compiled version from my Dropbox account. I copied and pasted the melonDS icon into the binary file so it would have the proper look, and I included an INI file with some sensible default controls.

Be sure to place melonDS, the INI file and the BIOS files in your home folder. Otherwise, melonDS will fail to detect the BIOS files when you click on it. Please note that I did not include the BIOS files as it is illegal for me to distribute them.

If anyone else here has a Mac, please let me know if my melonDS binary works properly.

Main - General - melonDS successfully compiled for Mac New reply

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