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Posted on 03-12-18 01:24 PM (rev. 5 of 11-30-18 03:09 PM) Link | #567
EDIT: No longer available.

Posted on 10-10-18 06:46 PM Link | #672
what's the use of this thread if there's no download or anything

Posted on 10-12-18 08:43 AM Link | #674
But how to compile for Windows?
Thats what i tried and couldn't make it work.

Posted on 11-30-18 03:09 PM Link | #771
Hi, I decided I didn't want to host the download anymore for security reasons. Unfortunately I can't delete my thread, so it will remain as it is.

Posted on 11-30-18 03:18 PM Link | #772
we can have someone else host that download

or hell, even put it on this server here


Posted on 11-30-18 05:31 PM Link | #774
I can't compile the latest builds of melonDS anyway. All I know is that I get the error 'melonds/src/libui_sdl/DlgInputConfig.cpp:23:10: fatal error: 'SDL2/SDL.h' file not found' despite having SDL2 installed via homebrew.

I can find SDL.h, but I have no idea how to point to it. It's at /usr/local/Cellar/SDL2/2.0.8/include/sdl2/SDL/h. If CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is pointing to somewhere like '/usr/include/sdl/SDL.h' then perhaps that might be the problem?

Main - General - melonDS successfully compiled for Mac New reply

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